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The cabin air filter in your vehicle serves the same purpose as the air conditioning filter in your home. It reduces the number of contaminants such as pollen, dust, soot and odours that enter your vehicle through the vent system while providing a much cleaner breathing environment for you and your passengers.


Benefits of the ServiceĀ¹

  • Allergy Protection (Asthma, Hay fever). Protects vehicle occupants from allergy-causing particles such as pollens, fungus spores, dirt, dust and bacteria.
  • Cleaner Vehicle Interior (Cleanliness). Filters out dirt and dust, which build up on the vehicle’s interior surfaces.
  • Cleaner Breathing (Health). Offers protection from respirable particles that lead to respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, fatigue and giddiness.
  • Absorption of Gasses and Odours (Passenger Comfort). Protects vehicle occupants from harmful gases such as exhaust and ozone. Filters out noxious odours (applies to Carbon Activated Filters only).