radiator coolant exchange

from $99.95

Coolant fluid exchanging wipes away rust and scale deposits, which tend to build up in your cooling system over time. When the new anti-freeze is flushed through your system, these deposits are removed along with the old anti-freeze. If you do not get a coolant flush to remove these rust and scale deposits, then your vehicle could overheat, and your whole cooling system could be damaged.


Benefits of the service

  • The new anti-freeze that is put into your cooling system actually contains additives that help lubricate your vehicle’s water pump. This lubrication works to extend the lifespan of your water pump.
  • The additives that exist in the new anti-freeze additionally assist in the prevention of rust and foam build up in the water pump. When there is no rust and foam, your cooling system will operate more effectively.
  • The existing anti-freeze in your cooling system will lose its anti-corrosive properties over time and lead to the build-up of contaminants. If you receive a coolant flush, these particles will be cleansed from your system.