Driving through rain can leave your windshield murky, making it difficult to see the road ahead. Driving in harsh weather conditions with an obstructed line of sight is not only dangerous for you as the driver but also puts your passengers and fellow drivers at risk of serious injury. By replacing your wiper blades regularly, you ensure you are driving as carefully as possible.


Benefits of the service

  • Wiper blades that have been neglected for years are ineffective in clearing the windshield and can damage your vehicle. With time, blades can split and crack, which can eventually cause scraping on the glass. When the weather cools down, the damage will become even more severe and may lead to a shattered windshield.
  • With a quick visit to an Oil Change Kings, you can replace the blades in a matter of minutes and protect the glass for years. Wipers are inexpensive and can be replaced multiple times throughout the year. By minimizing the risk of an accident and protecting your car’s glass with new, operational blades, you are saving money on repairs, insurance, and potential hospital bills.