Owning a Franchise

Interested in Owning a Franchise?

Owning a franchise allows a business owner to start their own business without being out on their own. At Oil Change Kings Franchise, we provide you with a respected brand name combined with excellent franchisor support, making the franchise experience positive and successful.

The Benefits of Owning an Oil Change Kings Franchise

  • Operating a business with a respected brand name
  • Having access to established operating systems
  • Gaining national purchasing strength through programs and pre-existing partnerships
  • Having an extensive franchisee support team

Conversion opportunities

Oil Change Kings Franchise will be the Australian leader in automotive oil change and preventive maintenance. Oil Change Kings systems will revolutionise the automotive service industry with groundbreaking records – and we are just getting started.

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Who Should Own a Franchise?

Buying a franchise can be a jump start in setting up a successful business. Some of the significant disadvantages of setting up an independent business can be mitigated. When starting an independent business, it is common for business owners to exert more time and energy with a higher risk of failure.

With franchising, especially an Oil Change Kings Franchise, there is a reduced risk of failure when compared to starting an independent business. Much of the research and development of beginning an independent business is already taken care of when you purchase a franchise. Meaning you can focus on what matters most: running a successful business & serving your customers.

Owning an Oil Change Kings Franchise could be right for you if:

  • You are driven to start your own business, but want to make sure it will be successful
  • You want to gain access to proven methods of success & operations
  • You want to be a part of ongoing training & support
  • You want to gain access to an award-winning advertising program
  • You have enough start-up investment to purchase a franchise

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